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"Australia's first and fully recognised Hallmark for Australian made precious metal articles"
In 1988 a group of manufactures, aware of the traditons and need for a higher degree of consumer protection and in the precious metal industries, instigated and formed The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia.

This Guild is the only professional organization with a marking system for precious metal items made in Australia, by Australians. The Guild maintains a time honoured system of marking for its Members which identifies the maker as a Guild Member, the metal purity and the year of manufacture-for historical purposes-providing consumer protection.

Guild Members believe in standards which reflect honesty and integrity in manufacturing, efficiency and service, with a commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and materials. Guild Members abide by specified metal standards, AS 2140 & AS 2141 set by the Standards Association of Australia.

In 2004 the Guild extended it's membership categories to include those persons previously ineligible, but who wish to take advantage of a professional marking system. The Guild therefore welcomes applications from manufacturers who identify with the Guild's aims and aspirations.

The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia
PO BOX 379
GPO. Melbourne 3001
Ph. 03 9654 1338, 0431 284 060
Membership Categories
1. Fellow Membership
2. Member  

This category of membership caters for a business whose owners do not personally manufacture, but employ others to do so in their name, and would appreciate access to the Guild's marking system.

3. Affiliate Member
The Marking System
Clearly identifies the business name or logo, and the article as Australian in origin. Clearly establishes - by the distinctive Guild mark that the article was not made by the Member, but in a workshop situation. Records Members Marks on Fine Silver Touch plates for all time. Provides full provenance of an article in the market place, often with subsequent evaluation. Provides a trace to a Member in the event of an item requiring proper repair and maintenance. Provides potential clients access to Members with specific design or technique skills. Provides an opportunity for anybody to trace a Member's work for historical identification. The Guilds Marking System includes the marks shown.
Aims and Objectives
" To establish the Guild mark as a symbol of excellence in design and craftsmanship in Australlian handmade precious articles."
" To promote the crafts of jewellery and metalsmithing in Australia."
" An access in which jewellers and metalsmiths can communcate with each other, and those interested in this area."
" To provide hallmarking system to identify makers mark, carat stamp, Guild mark and date stamp."
" To maintain an exchange of information with similar organizations in Australia and overseas."
" To publish Touchplate Magazine ( the official newsletter of The Guild and Silversmiths Guild Association of Australia) which will be of the benefit and promote members and membership."
" To generate funds, for the advancement of the crafts of jewellery and metalsmithing in Australia."
" To promote a lobbying force in such areas as consignment legislation affecting jewellers and metalsmithing and exhibitions."
" To consolidate the craft of jewellery and metalsmithing in Australia as an art form."
" To assist in development of students through workshops and education."
" The Gold and Silversmiths Guild represent: A high proficiency as a professional gold and silversmith that will reflect honesty and integrity with commitment to excellence in craftsmanship."
"Australia's first and fully recognized Hallmark for Australian made precious metal articles."

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