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Local GC Designer takes out Award - see under Whats New
Hello Kevin, I just came back from Lightning Ridge. Yes, Kevin, we did it !! The First Prize in Non-Professional category !!! They asked me if I was planning to go to the Awards Dinner on the 27th. When we got there, we found there that the piece you and I made got the First Prize out of 40 entries !! I think they chose mine because, needless to mention of your work with high standard, it's balanced; the size and the existing feeling of the opal, and the quantity of gold and diamonds that are not loud. There were two judges from America, whose opinions were effective, I heard. I will search for the means for a while. At the same time, I will work with wax. Anyway, all this would not have happened without you. I really appreciate your beautiful work and help... You are the winner, Kevin ! Michelle
- Mytyl Negi - Davis - Gibson
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One happy customer
Handmade bangle using clients gold and matching ring. Letter reads.. quote.. Dear Kevin , Thank you, thank you, the bracelet ( Bangle ) is just beautiful. Chris ( Client ) came in, burst into tears on seeing it, she said she could " kiss " you for doing such a beautiful job. Thanks Gai.
- Kadia Jewellery - Toronto NSW

Received my bangle today and its fantastic. You have been an amazing help! This has actually been an interesting experience. There is so much we don't realise about working with gold.
- Cheers, Shannon
Amex. Melbourne
our australian
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